Brittany & SarahAnn {2017 Graduates}

First off, I want to CONGRATULATE Brittany and SarahAnn (Twin Sisters) as they are graduating from Salem Christian School today!! Saying this is just crazy....I met them both when they were about 13 years old!! I've grown to love these two as if they were my own! I've watched Brittany grow into a beautiful young lady. We grew close when she expressed interest in learning about I had her tag along to sessions through out the last 5 years! In the beginning she barely said two words the entire time we would hang out (awkward 2 hour drives let me just say!!)....and NOW sometimes I can't make her stop talking! Haha! LOVE YOU BRITT!! I am so excited to see what God holds her future. She will be furthering her education at JMU. I am going to miss have her around and so will my kids! =) SarahAnn is a beautiful young lady with God in the center of her heart. She has a heart for serving and helping others! I've coached her in basketball and soccer and I've enjoyed watching her grow over the last 4 years! I am also really excited to see where God will take her in the future! She is attending Mary Washington University in the Fall. 
I had the honor of photographing both of their senior portraits this year and aren't they just GORGEOUS!! Enjoy some of favorites from their sessions!!
I'm off to photograph them in their cap+gowns and watch them graduate....Im sure there will be tears! =(

Can you tell which is SarahAnn and which is Brittany?!? It only took me 3 years!!


Jordan + Stephen {Engaged}

I met with this sweet couple Jordan and Stephen a couple months ago at the park and I immediately knew that they would be a perfect FP Bride+Groom.
They have a similar meeting story as my husband and I do, and it was so much fun connecting right away and becoming friends with these two!! 
Jordan is currently at Va Tech and will graduating this spring! Jordan and Stephen are planning a beautiful farm wedding at a family farm in western Goochland this October! We met for their engagement session last weekend, and they were absolutely amazing! I coached them a little bit in the beginning of their session, but they were naturals and didn't even no it! Before I could ask Stephen to give Jordan a sweet kiss on her forehead, he beat me to it and it was perfect and every way!! 
Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!! And try to stay dry today in this rainy rainy day!


Spring Portraits {Mini Sessions}

Spring has arrived and I couldn't be more excited to see the gorgeous trees blooming!!! I've enjoyed my off season but I am ready to get back out there photographing and doing what I love!
I am setting up two days in April to offer mini sessions to families, seniors, or anniversary sessions!! If you are interested in reserving your spot please see the link below and sign up! Book now as they will go fast! 


Ali + Brock {Engaged}

Ali and Brock are engaged and I am so excited them!!! They are sweet young couple with God in the center of their relationship!! They are planning a beautiful outdoor wedding this May and I can't wait to photograph it!! They mentioned they wanted portraits in the they got their wish when it snowed 2 weeks ago!! I love photographing in the snow...its so beautiful! I was excited when they agreed to driving to my house that saturday morning when it was snowing.....who knew my front yard would make the perfect spot for a winter wonderland photo session!! Here are some of my favorites from their session!