Abby {Senior 2020}

November 4, 2019

Meet Abby! She is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet! Abby and her mom originally reached out to us to photograph Abby’s senior portraits back in August and I was so excited! I have photographed Abby for her High School prom for the last two years so I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a while. =)

Except, after I spoke to them, I started brainstorming!!! Ahhhh!! I ran this amazing idea by my assistant Rachel and she was all on board for it!! So we began planning something special and I pitched the idea to Abby and her mother! THEY LOVED IT and were completely on board for helping! Abby hand selected her good friends at school to make this experience just that much more amazing! I would have loved to have had this experience when I was a senior, so I knew I had to create this for them!

My dream was this….A Senior Portrait Experience! Not just your regular portrait session but a FULL EXPERIENCE!! I will share MORE about that experience and what was involved next week but for this week I will be sharing all the girls personal senior shoots that happened on October 13th at a beautiful property in Powhatan! They each had a mini 30 minute personal shoot. It may have rained on and off but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting for gorgeous portraits for these girls!!

First up, is Abby!!! Enjoy her beautiful images and her gorgeous smile!!

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