Crystal + Chris {Engaged}

July 11, 2019

Crystal and Chris are engaged and planning a wedding for May of next year! I met with Crystal this past spring, and we talked all about their wedding details and plans while enjoying some Tropical Smoothie! If you know me.. you know that I LOVE smoothies! Haha! So much that I actually had my second photographer Hannah, at my last wedding, stop by a Tropical Smoothie on her way to the venue since I was skipping lunch! She’s the BEST!!

Anyways.. I met up with Crystal and Chris a few weeks ago for their engagement session at the beautiful Running Mare, located in Goochland. They were a little nervous and not quite sure how their session was going to go, but who isn’t a little nervous in front of a camera?! As my couples always do, they ROCKED their portraits and were complete naturals at it! This is just one more reason why I walk into each of my sessions with the mindset of NATURAL, PURE, LOVE! That’s all I want to capture, and I DID!! Crystal and Chris were so much fun to photograph and the Faith Photography team CAN’T WAIT for their wedding next year!!

Check out all of the cuteness below!

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