EJ + Cole {Wedding Day}

July 18, 2023

As a photographer, you always have an “ideal client” in mind.. Each photographer’s ideal client looks a bit different from the rest, but that’s what makes this such a fun industry! So what does my ideal client look like? For weddings, my “ideal client” would be couples that are: madly in love with each other, eager to soak up every moment and be truly present. I also adore a classy and elegant setting, lots of special touches and intimate details, so if this sounds like you, then let’s chat!

Why explain all of that?! I am just so thankful to have gotten to the point in my career where I take on such ideal weddings, like EJ + Cole!!! These two have a beautiful love that is so evident and their wedding day was nothing short of STUNNING. EJ + Cole lived their best lives on their wedding day – and that’s exactly how it should be!

Schaefer Wedding Vendor List:

All Images by Faith Photography

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