Gracie turns 11!

July 28, 2019

I want to take moment to wish my baby girl a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is so excited today not only because its her birthday but because we are headed to the beach ON HER BIRTHDAY! HAHA! We will be spending the week in OBX and I can’t wait to photograph some beautiful families by the ocean!!

How is my baby girl already ELEVEN years old and entering MIDDLE SCHOOL in September?!? It is so crazy to me how fast time slips by and quickly she is growing!

Eleven years ago we had our beautiful baby girl at 4:03am on a Monday morning. I had just turned 21. I was scared, nervous, excited, worried, loved, and so many other emotions going through my head that day. I didn’t know anything about parenting or being a mom. I wasn’t sure what our future held for us but Solomon and I trusted that God would guide us and provide for us…..and HE DID! I never would have imagined our life to be what it is today, but I’m so thankful God was and is in control.

Gracie is our little momma in the house. She loves her little brothers more than anything and will do anything to protect them. Gracie is a huge help around the house and at such a young age she began to clean her room, wash dishes, help with laundry, and folding clothes and putting them away. She’s learning to sweep and mop (and loves it) so I won’t discourage that haha! This momma needs all the help she can get with these 4 wild kiddos!!

As Gracie turns another year old we’ve packed up all of the barbies and baby dolls (so sad haha), and she’s grown her earring and nail polish collection! She loves to serve others! She’ll play restaurant at the house (she has a menu and everything!) and she’ll serve us food and drinks! Its so cute! This coming year in school we’re going to teach her to cook too and she’s so excited! She’s already beginning to cook with me some and learn a few things! So starting in the fall Gracie will cook one meal a week!

One Year Old

I could go on and on about my amazing daughter, but I’ll stop here. =)

Enjoy these beautiful images I captured of her at the beach in May!

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