Megan + BJ {Engaged}

August 28, 2018

To celebrate Megan and BJ’s wedding next weekend, I am sharing my favorites from their engagement session back in March!! I decided to hold off on blogging through the Spring while I was in the process of building my brand new website and blog. SO, now that our gorgeous blog is up and running, I can finally share their portraits!!! And I figured the best time to do so would be just before their special day!

Megan contacted me right around Christmas time last year to book us for their September wedding! Their wedding will be beautiful and a lot of fun!! They have a great team of vendors lined up for their wedding and it’s taking place at Bandit’s Ridge, the GORGEOUS barn venue in western Goochland. 

We had their engagement session scheduled 3 times.. Why you ask?! Because the first two times were rained out!!  So, we went ahead with the 3rd scheduled session even though it was 40 degrees outside and crazy windy that weekend!! BUT, their portraits were gorgeous and they did amazing considering how cold it was!  Poor Megan was shivering, and we took breaks here and there to wrap her up for a few minutes! You can’t even tell though by looking at the pictures that it was SO cold!!

I’m praying for a gorgeous, warm wedding day for Megan & BJ!  ☺️

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  1. Tina Ford says:

    Beautiful pictures Ashley, you are right, it was cold but they all turned out perfect!! Thanks so much for everything!! Can’t wait for the big day.