Megan & BJ {Married}

November 1, 2018

OH MY GOODNESS!! I can’t even begin to explain the milestone that this day was for me! I have shot every one of my weddings personally, but when I got pregnant with Eli, it became apparent that Megan and BJ’s wedding was scheduled too close to his arrival for me to shoot it. It was so hard for me to hand my responsibilities over to someone else, but my associate Rachel stepped up into the role with such a willing heart!

Megan and BJ tied the knot on a chilly, windy, fall day at Bandit’s Ridge. While it called for rain throughout the day, it cleared up for the ceremony and remained dry throughout the reception! Praise!! Rachel and Emily, who stepped in as the second photographer, did an amazing job throughout the day. They handled a tight schedule, a threat of rain, and learning curves very professionally and put me at ease with constant updates. During the bride and groom’s sunset portraits, I made a surprise appearance for all of ten minutes to take a few special portraits and it made their day as much as it made mine!

Congratulations on your marriage Megan and BJ!! The Faith Photography team thanks your for your support and patience!


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