Rachel {Beach Portraits}

August 23, 2022

Hello, Rachel here!! I am guest writing today’s blog post – yay! In July we took our annual FP Team Retreat down to the Outer Banks and it was tons of fun! This is a time for us to relax, reconnect, fellowship and ultimately to help us recharge a bit. However, would Ashley really be a photographer if she didn’t take any portraits while she was there?! HA, just kidding!

Photographing at the beach isn’t something we get to do super often, so we really take advantage of it while we are there. It is so fun to shoot in a setting that ins’t your “norm” because it pushes us to get creative, and that feeling of it turning out how you envisioned it is so rewarding! I am the lucky duck that is fortunate enough to test things things out with Ashley, and in return I get some pretty amazing portraits! We shot on the dunes at Jockey’s Ridge during sunset one evening, and shot another session at sunrise on the beach at Avalon Pier. I am OBSESSED with them all!! Be prepared.. there are quite a few images in this blog post!

Which ones are your favorite?! I want to know which ones you like best! When you’re done looking through them and you are convinced to do a beach portrait session (trust me, you will be), reach out to Ashley! Let’s set it up and make it happen!

Images by Faith Photography

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