Rhonda + James | Wedding Day

March 9, 2024

Hello, Rachel Wirsing here! I photographed my first solo wedding in December and it was so wonderful!!! I can’t wait to do it again!

Rhonda and James are a beautiful example of love having no age limit and an inspiration to take hold of each day we have breath in our lungs, living life to the fullest. It was such a pleasure of mine to capture this special and momentous moment in their life! Something I noticed throughout their wedding day, was that they knew exactly what they wanted and they were’t shy in making decisions. It was refreshing to see a bride and groom comfortable, without worry of disappointing someone or indecisive about certain aspects of the day! I make note of this because I think it comes with age.. but if you are a future bride, be encouraged to stay confident in what you want/like! FRIENDLY REMINDER: It’s YOUR wedding day! Have fun, stay relaxed and do what makes you both happiest!

Images by Rachel Wirsing w/ Faith Photography

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