The Mommy + Me Experience

May 7, 2019

Faith Photography is offering TWO dates for Mommy and Me portraits next week!! And, there are still a few spots available! Please see the link below to reserve your session today!

The mommy and me portraits will be taken at the beautiful Bandit’s Ridge in Western Goochland. There will be a fun and casual setting in a gorgeous wildflower field! Just you and your little ones (or big ones). There are no limits on children’s age or the amount of children that you have!

It’s super special for you to be in portraits with your children, and capturing such sweet moments together! Mom’s aren’t always in the pictures, since they’re usually taking the picture, so let’s change that! This gives your children something to look at later in life to remember you by. They may not see or realize the importance of it now, but they will love that you gave them the ability to always have a reminder of your love for them.

P.S. A huge thank you to my models for this shoot!!

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