Bandit’s Ridge {Business Highlight}

November 15, 2018

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my dear friend Donna Reynolds, the owner and founder of Bandit’s Ridge! As today’s guest on the blog, Donna is sharing her vision behind the founding of Bandit’s Ridge and how far it has come in the last few years! See below for her story!  I’m also sharing some beautiful images of the place and the hard work they put in everyday!!

[ Moving out to Goochland County in 2010 was no more than having a horse farm and living in the country. Bandit’s Ridge was named after my horse, Bandit, whom we loved so much. Unfortunately, he passed after a few months of living in our home. One morning as I was sitting on the front porch and looking over the hay field, I realized the beauty of our property, and then began to see the idea of hosting weddings. It wasn’t until 2013 that we had our first wedding booked. Since then, my dream for hosting weddings and other events have become a reality. With lots of sweat and perseverance, Bandit’s Ridge has evolved into something more than I could have dreamed. I believe faith has brought us to where we are today.

Because of the growth we have experienced, Bandit’s Ridge was able to hire a full-time assistant to help with the day to day activities. Brooke Engel came on board January 2018. She gives tours, assists with final walk-thru’s, organizes the everyday tasks, and is present for all events. I also have a financial assistant, Jen Thompson, who helps with bookkeeping and attends events as well.

Our team can create your special day to be what you have always dreamed of! We are talented and well adverse in planning. I am grateful each day for the team that I have. Most venues aren’t as fortunate as I am, and I never take for granted what I have been blessed with!! ]

Owner & Founder of Bandit’s Ridge,

Donna Reynolds

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