Faith & Wellness

September 19, 2018

Hi, Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. This is a BRAND NEW SERIES POST that I am excited to introduce you all to! Its called Faith & Wellness! A couple times a month I will share health wellness tips on Wednesday’s! Health wellness has been a passion of mine for over 10 years now, and I finally want to share what I’ve learned and experienced! Personally, I believe ‘health wellness’ is eating healthy + organic meals (and before you think I judge people who don’t eat that way.. we aren’t perfect! I LOVE Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuits!!) BUT, when I cook meals at home…they are organic and healthy! Health wellness to my family is also having supplements available to give us additional nutrients and minerals! By taking vitamins for immune support, healthy digestion, and much more! I also use Young Living Essential Oils! Essential Oils are an amazing natural healing source.While I’ve used them for 10+ years, I’ve learned so much more about them over the last couple of years after doing my own research and reading up on what other people already know. Young Living is a wonderful company. They are SEED to SEAL 100% pure authentic oils. So, today I wanted to start by sharing about one of my favorite essential oils and that is *PanAway*!

PanAway Oil works amazing for all things PAIN! Its used weekly in our home!!

Things I use PanAway for:
1. I’m a wedding photographer – LONG hours on a wedding day can be rough on your neck, back, and feet!! So I have a little roller bottle of PanAway in my camera bag that I use at the reception to give pain relief in order to finish the wedding out!
2. My husband runs an Excavating Business…and sometimes after long days his neck will be tight so I roll PanAway on the back of his neck before bed!
3. Tooth Ache?  I’ve had two wisdom teeth removed in the last couple years with NO pain!!…I have a little roller bottle with a blend of PanAway and Copiaba just for tooth aches and pain. After the removal of the wisdom tooth I rolled the oil blend on my jaw line every 1-2 hours! Works great!!
4. Over do it at the gym or in sports? Just roll PanAway on the area of pain!

I can’t say enough about this little bottle of goodness!! If you have any questions about essential oils please comment below I’d love to answer!
PanAway Oil + 10 other oils + samples of thieves cleaner and more are included in the Premium Starter Kit through Young Living! By purchasing the starter kit you become a member and receive 24% off all oils!! Its an amazing deal!! JOIN my team and CLICK HERE to purchase a kit!

Happy Wednesday!


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