Gabe {2022 Senior Spokesmodel}

June 28, 2022

Hello, Rachel Wirsing here! I am Ashley’s business assistant, as well as Gabe’s older sister, and I had the pleasure of photographing his senior portraits! The original plan was for Ashley to shoot his session, however she wasn’t feeling well that day and we didn’t have the option to push it back because of a surgery that Gabe would be having in the next few days.

I was incredibly nervous since I had never shot a session solo before, and on top of that I had the weather working against me with a storm rolling in that evening – BUT I did it! We shot Gabe’s portraits in downtown Richmond and perfectly captured his personality I feel! I even got some of him doing his little dance moves! 😆 Oh and I threw in one of the two of us at the end 😉

Images by Faith Photography

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