Jessi Duke {Headshots}

August 1, 2022

So this session was a bit of a first for me! Jessi came to me and explained that she is interested in modeling and needed to book a session that would expand her portfolio. I am always down for something fun and new, and I hate missing out on a chance to help another girl achieve her goals! AND.. IT WAS AMAZING!! Jessi brought multiple looks, we shot in multiple settings/lighting, and I think we really nailed her personality throughout these portraits. I can’t wait to watch and cheer her on in this fun season of life! Oh, and just out of curiosity, which look of Jessi’s is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments! 😀

If you are looking to build a portfolio, need updated headshots, personality portraits or are just ready to have some fun and hang out with me for a little while while I snap some images, let’s chat!

Images by Faith Photography

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